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Our Staff

Our Pre-School leader Trina has a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Early Childhood Care & Education (Level 8) and Cynthia has a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Early Childhood Care & Education (Level 7).  All our full-time staff are qualified ranging from Fetac Level 6 to Bachelor of Arts, Level 7 & 8, First Aid, Fire Safety, Food Hygiene, Manual Handling.  All these certified skills are reviewed and upskilled every couple of years. Teamwork is the foundation of our centre with all staff working together for the good and welfare of the Children. 

Staff and Management engages in continuous Professional and Personal Development and upgrading skills and curriculum by learning through classroom based and online courses.

Staff demonstrate sensitivity, empathy, warmth and positive regard for the children and their families.

Provision is made to ensure that children can form and sustain secure relationships with adults, siblings, peers and other children.  Each child receives appropriate support to enable him/her to interact positively with other children.  A Key worker system is in place in all rooms with minimal staff changeovers.

The staff of our centre operate in partnership with parents and are responsive and sensitive in the provision of information and support of parents in their key roles in the learning and development of the child.

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