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Our Creche



Our Créche Centre offers an ‘Open Door’ policy ( a welcome at all times for parents).  This is especially relevant during settling in period.  The Créche centre is committed to the smooth transition of the children and their parents into our service. 

Settling in should be a positive experience as it will influence the children’s self-confidence, attitude to relationships, socialising and will also help lay the foundation for future learning and exploration of the world around them.

Age Range:  3 months to 6 years

Opening Hours:  7.30am to 6.30pm

For further information contact the Manager on

Tel : 066 7148898

We Provide

  • Key workers who provide consistent relationships with each child to develop a child’s sense of self.

  • A routine suited to the development & needs of each individual child

  • An environment that is comfortable, warm, safe and stimulating

  • Sleep room that is bright, cosy & relaxing with each cot fitted with alarms

  • Daily routines that are consistent, have a balance of both adult and child-initiated activities, e.g. art & craft, music, singing, dancing, water, messy & sensory play, reading time.

  • Respectful, supportive relationships between children, practitioners & parents.

  • Appropriate ratios of adult & children at all times.

    • 1:3 under age 1 year

    • 1:5 1-2 years

    • 1:8 2 -3 years

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