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Our aim at “Na Leanaí” Childcare Centre is to provide a safe, caring environment, where each child is encouraged to learn through play.  They will have opportunities to explore, be creative, imaginative, to experiment and learn about their world through all the different experiences they will encounter on their journey through play. We do this with the help of fully qualified staff, along with you the parents.  As the child’s primary carer, we value your contribution and together we will encourage each child to reach their full potential and grow their Holistic Development, this means, we will nurture their learning and emphasise the importance of physical, emotional, social and wellbeing .

Our Services


We offer a Pre-School service to children from 2 years 9 months, from 9.00am to 12.00pm, 5 days a week.


Our Creche Centre recognises the importance of parents as primary educators and we welcome and value their contribution in our facility.


Our outdoor environment is spacious, pleasant and safe and is laid out to accommodate the needs of all the children in our setting.

Our Menu

Lunch is a key meal each day and should provide you with lots of energy. It is important to fill your child's lunch box with nutritious, delicious food.

Playing with Wooden Alphabets

Strong Relationships

Our centre is committed to the smooth transition from home to crèche and pre-school for children and their parents to be a caring, kind, safe and joyful progression.  It is important for us to ensure settling in will be a positive experience for both you and your child.  We assure you that we want the best for your child and will help to provide the support that is needed to ensure your child is happy and contented.

Healthy Children

At Na Leanaí Childcare Centre, we promote a healthy eating policy and are committed to the promotion of children’s health, wellbeing and environment.  We are proud that we received a Health Ireland award.

Parents as Partners

The Centre recognises the importance that parents are the primary educators of the child and have an important role in promoting their children’s well-being, learning & development.  We welcome and value your contribution in our childcare centre.

Children's Storybooks
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